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The year 20XX
The Earth is under attack by ALIENS.


Our scientists can't science fast enough.

Our ninjas can't ninja high enough.

only ONE MAN is both a rocket-scientist AND a ninja...

NINJECTORY is a reimagining of 1980's classic, but rather boring, Missile Command.  Missile rain down on the city below and you have to zip around on your jetpack and hit them with your sword to save humanity.

This is my #devtober 2019 entry.  It's a playable demo of a tutorial and 10 levels ending in a (very WIP) "boss fight."

I hope you enjoy it.

Install instructions

10 level demo!  Free to download!  Complete a survey afterward (accessed from the game's title page) to earn another build with an Endless Mode.

Game display is currently only formatted for 1920x1080.  I know, I know, I really should've planned ahead.  My bad, honestly.  I'm working on it!  In the meantime the game will launch in a 1920x1080 window.

You can play at other resolutions and the basic gameplay should be fine, but the game's GUI is gunna get weird if your screen is smaller than 1920x1080.

I feel the game plays best with an XBONE controller, but I have implemented mouse controls and you're welcome to give them a shot.

Enjoy the game!


Ninjectory Demo 112119.rar 14 MB

Development log

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